Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Where does Fetch operate?

Our Fetch driverless car hire service operates within parts of the City of Milton Keynes, UK.

I've noticed someone from Fetch in the front seat. Is the vehicle driving autonomously?

Our vehicles are being remotely driven during delivery and return. You’ll notice that our cars have safety drivers that sit in the driver’s seat. These specialists are there to monitor our remote driving technology and share important feedback to help us improve the Fetch experience.

How can I use Fetch?

Download our Android/iOS app and book a Fetch car in Milton Keynes, UK.

Rates & Services

How does the pricing work?

When booking a car you can choose between By Minute. By Hour or By Day plans.

Read more here.

What are the delivery and pick-up charges?

One of the benefits of using Fetch is that we can deliver a car to any address you choose within our coverage area.

There will be a Return Fee charge as we will have to relocate the car on your behalf.

Read more here.


Where can I park the car and is the parking fee included in the price?

You can park your car in any paid or free public parking space that has no time limit within Milton Keynes. All purple, red parking and car club bays are included and you don’t need to purchase a ticket.

Please do not park in private parking spaces, temporary or loading bays, or disabled bays (unless you are a blue badge holder).

Bookings & Reservations

What is the age requirement for drivers?

We apply these age requirements on your age at the time of booking the trip, not on your age when the trip actually takes place.

  • You must be at least 24 and no older than age 74 to hire a car in the UK.
  • You must have at least 1 year of driving experience.
Can I book for the same day?

Yes. Bookings are allowed a minimum of 30 minutes in advance.

What are your operating hours?

We’re available from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. And if you need to make a booking outside of those hours, no problem! Just make sure to do it before 4:00 pm.

Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM for any inquiries or assistance.

And if you want to plan ahead, our advance booking delivery service is available 24/7. So no matter what time of day it is, we got you covered.


You are allowed to keep the car outside of business hours as long as you end your booking within the limit on bookings.

How long is the duration of a booking?

No single booking is allowed to exceed the booked duration and you must end your booking within this limit

However, you are allowed to book another vehicle immediately afterwards or book the same vehicle again within 1 hour.

How many bookings am I allowed to make daily?
  • A maximum of 5 future bookings

  • A maximum of 3 bookings in a single day
    (These limits do not include any past bookings.)

Can I change the delivery address after I have made the booking?

You can change the delivery address a maximum of 60 minutes before the start of the booking.

What is your booking cancellation policy?

A cancellation fee is applicable after the vehicle has been dispatched or within 1 hour of the booking time, whichever is later.
The cancellation fee is £6.99.

What if you are unable to park and leave the car for me?

If our remote driver is unable to find a safe place to park the car, you will be contacted to come to the car’s location with the safety driver and collect the car straight away.

What if I want to end my booking earlier?

You are of course able to end your booking earlier and leave the car at the drop-off point, however, you will still be liable for the duration of the original booking.

Are dogs and pets allowed in the car during a Fetch booking?

Dogs and Pets are not permitted in the cars unless explicit consent is requested by contacting Fetch customer services at


What is the excess?

You are liable for the first £500.

What is the excess waiver? (coming soon)

By adding this you won’t have to pay the excess (£500).

This is not currently available.

Can I reduce my excess?

Yes by opting for the excess waiver when making the booking. Unfortunately, this cannot be added after the booking has been made.

Can I use the car for business use?

Our cars can only be used in the same way as traditional car hire and therefore cannot unless explicit consent is requested by contacting Fetch customer services at

Does your vehicle have breakdown cover?

Yes. You should contact the customer services team on 01908714515 in the event of a breakdown.

Business Zones

What are the coloured boxes on the map?

There are two zones within our service area. White zones and Red zones.

Service Area - White Zones

Within this zone, you can have your car delivered to you anywhere for a fee (currently £6.99). Once you are finished with the car you can return the car and park it in any public parking bay within this zone. You will be charged a small pick-up fee (currently £2.99) when you park and end your ride.

No-Park - Red Zone

This zone is for where parking is not permitted after ending your ride, e.g. within the pick-up & drop-off zone at the train station, it is not possible for you or us to park and leave the cars. However, within this zone, you can have your car delivered to you for the same delivery fee (currently £6.99) as the White zones.


I have received a parking ticket / traffic fine, what do I do?

If you receive a PCN or another traffic fine during the hire (left on your car for example) you will need to pay for it directly following the instructions on the notice.

If Fetch receives a parking ticket/traffic fine for an infraction that happened during your rental we will either make a representation and pass on your details so you will receive the penalty directly at your address or, if we have to, we will pay for the fine directly and recharge you the amount on the card you used for the booking.

I have received an email about a damage I don't agree with

If you don’t understand or disagree with an invoice, you can appeal it by getting in touch with customer services by emailing

Someone from the customer service team will get back to you within 5 working days.

I have a problem / issue with my invoice

If you have an issue with an invoice, you can get in touch with customer services by emailing

Someone from the customer service team will get back to you within 5 working days.


Can I use Fetch for cabbing / Uber?

Our cars can only be used in the same way as traditional car hire and therefore cannot be used for cabbing / taxi / Uber etc.

Vehicle Information

What type of vehicles are available for hire?

During the trial, we shall be only using Kia E-Niro’s (Electric and Automatic). In the future, we hope to have a wider selection of vehicles available to hire.

Is it possible to get a baby seat with a booking?

Yes, Please request this via the delivery instructions or by calling our customer service line. You are also welcome to bring and use your own.

I cannot connect to or unlock my car

If you are having connectivity issues, we invite you to:

  • Force close and re-open the Fetch app
  • Please make sure you have enabled location services.

If the problem persists, please contact the Fetch Customer Service team on 01908714515

My car has a flat battery or has run out of battery on a booking, what do I do?

If your Fetch car has broken down, please contact the Fetch Customer Service team at 01908714515 who will support you through the process.

For security and insurance reasons, you must stay with the vehicle until roadside assistance arrives at the car.

What is your battery and charging policy?

What do I do with the charging cable?
If the EV charging point does not have a cable attached, this means that the unplugged cable is portable and it belongs to the Electric Vehicle you are unplugging. It’s important to always take this cable with you once you have taken the vehicle off charge; the cable belongs to the car and not the charging point. They are expensive to replace so always check it has been stowed correctly in the boot compartment before setting off (for more information, follow the instructions in the guide which you will find inside each vehicle).

Depending on the charging point, you will need to use a suitable cable. The Kia E-Niro is equipped with three types of charging sockets: Type 2, Combo CCS and Domestic.

Charging times vary on the method used:

  • 3-pin AC Charger –

  • Type 2 (62196-2) AC Charger –

  • AC Slow Charge Time (230V) – 27hrs 30mins

  • AC Fast Charger Time (7.2kW Charger) – 9hrs 25mins

  • AC Fast Charger Time (11kW 3-Phase Charger) – 6hrs 20mins

  • DC Rapid Charger Time (50kW Charger) – 1hr 5mins

  • DC Rapid Charger Time (100kW Charger) – 45mins

  • DC Rapid Charger Time (300kW Charger) – 43mins

    You can find a map of Milton Keynes charging points here.

How can I get the best out of the battery life?
The vehicle driving range all depends upon your driving style. Here’s how you can increase your driving range:

  1. Maintain a steady speed.

  2. Choose flatter routes – even if they are longer.

  3. Use less heating and air conditioning.

  4. Heat up or cool down your car before your journey, while it is still plugged into the mains.

  5. Increase regenerative braking, which can be done via the shift paddles located behind the steering wheel.

I have an alert appearing on the car dashboard, what do I do?

If there are any warning lights on the dashboard, please get in touch with customer service. In cases where there is a red dashboard warning light, please stop the car at a safe location and contact the Fetch Customer Service team immediately on 01908714515

My car has been broken into / vandalised, what do I do?

If your Fetch car has been vandalised, please call customer services immediately on 01908714515 and send a detailed description of the damage to

How often are the cars cleaned?

Our cars are inspected and cleaned after every booking.

Managing my account

My account has been refused?

Unfortunately, if your account has been refused, it is because our security service has detected an anomaly with your account. This decision is final and we cannot provide any further details.
If you wish to challenge the decision made, you can send us an email at for more information.

My account is on hold?

If your account is stuck on pending verification, an anomaly has been detected on your Fetch account. Our customer service team is currently reviewing your account and might be asking for some more information via email.

My account is still awaiting validation?

Unfortunately, sometimes the verification period can take a little longer. Our team is sure to remedy this quickly and validate your account within 48 hours.

I have a non-UK driving license, can I still join?

Yes, amongst non-UK driving licenses, we only accept customers who have a valid driving licence in the EU.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by emailing customer services at

I can't log into my account?

To log into your Fetch account, you need your credentials:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Access to the phone number mentioned on your Fetch account


If one of them is incorrect, then you will not be able to log into your Fetch account.
If you no longer remember your credentials, you can first request a password reset (from the login page – “forgotten password”)
If you no longer remember your email or you are blocked, we invite you to request an account recovery via email:

I forgot my password, what do I do?

To reset your password, you can make a reset request directly from the login page on the application or the website by selecting: “forgotten password”.
You will then be asked to enter your email and an email will be sent to reset your password

Customer Service

I have an issue or enquiry and would like to contact you

You can contact our customer service by:
Phone – 01908714515
(Please note: Customer service is available Monday – Friday between 9am – 7pm)

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